We have translated our extensive research on Indigenous governance into helpful resources and tools to support Indigenous organisations and communities to strengthen their governance practices.

Our resources are organised into 9 core stages of Indigenous governance development. Each stage covers key topics – from getting started to implementing governance for nation rebuilding and development.


These stages align with the Indigenous Governance Toolkit. Our free online Toolkit offers a comprehensive collection of practical information, tools, templates, case studies and videos.


To learn more about our approach to developing resources, see Education and training.

Understanding governance

Understand what governance is and why it’s important. You’ll find information about the different kinds of governance – Indigenous, community and organisational.


Learn more about understanding governance

Culture and governance

Understand where your culture ‘fits’ in the governance of your nation, community, group or organisation, and the wider environment.


Learn more about culture and governance

Getting started on building your governance

Practical guidance for getting started on the road to rebuilding your governance. Get information, ideas and tools to help you review your governance, and identify assets and strengths that you can build on.


Learn more about getting started

Leadership for governance

Effective leadership is important for achieving better social, economic and cultural outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Get information and ideas about developing and strengthening your leadership.


Learn more about leadership for governance

Governing the organisation

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples understand they may need new knowledge and skills to carry out their governing roles on boards, councils and committees. This may include redesigning their governance arrangements and tackling fundamental challenges.


Learn more about governing the organisation

Governance rules and policies

Practical information, ideas and tools to help you get started on reviewing and building governance policies and rules for your organisation or nation.


Learn more about rules and policies

Management and staff

Information and ideas about how to develop and support excellence in your management and staff members, including tools to help you monitor and evaluate their work.


Learn more about management and staff

Disputes and complaints

Focusing on disputes about governance – including tips about the principles and processes involved. This includes tools and guidelines for dealing with common challenges.


Learn more about disputes and complaints

Governance for nation building and development

Information, ideas and examples that focus on implementing governance for nation rebuilding and development. This includes several tools to kick-start your conversations and initial practical steps.


Learn more about nation building

The Toolkit is the spine of everything that AIGI does; it comes directly from the experience of people involved with nation building. Everything on there has come from a source of truth.

(Participant, AIGI Impact Study, 2022)

[AIGI’s Toolkit] is a key source of information for building the governance capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations.

(Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage Report, Productivity Commission, 2020)

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