We have translated our extensive research on Indigenous governance into helpful resources and tools to support Indigenous organisations,communities and nations to strengthen their governance practices.

Our resources are organised into 9 core areas. Each area covers key topics – from assessing your governing arrangements to implementing governance for nation building and development.


These areas align with the 9 sections in our Indigenous Governance Toolkit. Our free online Toolkit offers a comprehensive collection of practical information, tools, templates, governance stories and videos.


To learn more about our approach to developing resources, see Education and training.

Understand Indigenous governance

Understand what governance means and why effective governance is important. Learn about the different types of governance – Indigenous, community, corporate and organisational.


Learn more about understanding Indigenous governance

Your culture

Understand the role culture plays as the foundation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander governance.


Learn more about culture

Assess your governance

Assess foundational areas that should be considered before you start building or improving your governance. Learn how to define the direction of your group, and discuss how to draw on your people, history, internal culture, and assets to strengthen your governance.


Learn more about assessing your governance

Build your governance

Learn how to build – or rebuild – your governance. Find practical information on choosing a governance model that suits your group’s purpose and developing the rules that will govern your group.


Learn more about building your governance

Your people

Learn about the key people who take on governing roles and responsibilities in your group. Get information and ideas on how to manage relationships and the importance of strong and fair representation.


Learn more about your people


Get information and ideas about developing and strengthening your leadership. Effective leadership is important for achieving better social, economic and cultural outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Learn more about leadership

Systems and plans

Learn about the systems and plans that help your everyday work be effective. Information about the development of policies and procedures in key areas including communication, meetings, decision-making and finance management.


Learn more about systems and plans

Conflict resolution and peacemaking

Understand conflicts, disputes and complaints and their common causes within organisations, communities and nations. Find information and practical strategies on developing peacemaking processes.


Learn more about conflict resolution and peacemaking


Understand self-determination and its relationship to nation building, treaty and development. Includes practical steps, tips and strategies to get started on nation building, governing for treaty and self-determined development.


Learn more about self-determination

The Toolkit is the spine of everything that AIGI does; it comes directly from the experience of people involved with nation building. Everything on there has come from a source of truth.

(Participant, AIGI Impact Study, 2022)

[AIGI’s Toolkit] is a key source of information for building the governance capacity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations.

(Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage Report, Productivity Commission, 2020)

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