The Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI) is an internationally acknowledged centre for governance knowledge and excellence. We deliver training and resources to meet the self-determined governance needs of Indigenous Australians.

We are an independent, Indigenous-led and majority Indigenous-staffed not-for-profit organisation. AIGI was incorporated in 2012 after several years of research, consultation and intensive lobbying.


See ‘History’ to learn more about our development.

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Our partners

By sharing and engaging in the governance ecosystem, we can deepen our knowledge of Indigenous governance practices. This includes partnering with other organisations to expand our reach and impact.


We have a funding partnership with the BHP Foundation and close, long-term partnerships with Reconciliation Australia and the Annamila Foundation.


See ‘Partners’ to learn more about who we work with.

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Our vision

We envision a future Australia where Indigenous peoples, communities and nations experience self-determination, and enjoy political, social, cultural and economic development through strong self-governance. We know that practical, effective and culturally legitimate governance is the fundamental building block for delivering real change.


AIGI seeks to realise this change by assisting Indigenous nations – whether in remote, rural or urban settings – to determine and strengthen their own sustainable systems of self-governance.


See ‘What we do’ to learn more about how we will deliver this vision.

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Our purpose

Our purpose is to make an impact that matters to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. We:

  • support Indigenous Australians to develop and exercise locally effective and culturally legitimate governance for their Nations, communities and organisations
  • promote place-based governance strategies and solutions that respect the diversity of Indigenous cultures, experiences and priorities
  • provide Indigenous nations, communities and organisations with access to data and information that can inform self-determined development priorities.
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Our goal

To strengthen the self-determined governance of Indigenous peoples and nations.

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Our team and board

Our team brings together a range of practical and theoretical expertise – including community, academic and public sector experience in Indigenous affairs.


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All donations to AIGI go towards programs and projects that help to make Indigenous self-determination and reconciliation a reality.

An independent third-party facilitator that brings the world’s governance models to our people on the ground. Learning what has worked at a State, National, and International level really helps us at a local level.

(Participant, AIGI Impact Study, 2022)

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