With over 10 years’ experience, AIGI is the centre of knowledge and excellence in Indigenous governance in Australia. We connect Indigenous groups, individuals and organisations to best-practice expertise and learning.


Through our ongoing research and partnerships, we have developed extensive expertise and resources around governance best practice, and real-world examples of success. We draw on our evidence base to provide realistic advice and share innovations in governance practice.


As an Indigenous-led not-for-profit organisation, we understand the challenges organisations face to meet their governance obligations. Our professional development responds to individual, community and nation needs, as well as changes in the governance environment.


Acknowledging the uniqueness of each community and organisation, we support individuals and groups by working with you to design and run professional development that meets your needs.


To learn more about approach to professional development, see Education and training.

Who our professional development is for

Our training is designed specifically for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander individuals, groups, organisations, communities and First Nations who want to develop or improve their governance.


This includes:

  • staff and board members of Indigenous organisations
  • staff and board, panel or committee members of government departments or agencies​
  • Indigenous elders or community leaders
  • emerging Indigenous governance professionals and young people
  • Indigenous or non-Indigenous people working with Indigenous groups or communities.​


Our professional development encourages and values peer learning, networking and knowledge-sharing.

Our team

The AIGI team has skills and expertise in key governance areas – including:

  • corporate and cultural governance, senior executive leadership and management
  • strategic planning, policy development and implementation
  • specialisations in governance areas – young people, women and succession planning
  • community engagement, consultation and facilitation
  • co-design and collaborative approaches to problem solving
  • native title, cultural heritage, and Indigenous rights
  • practical and academic research and writing.


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Tailored professional development

We take a tailored approach to professional development. Our friendly team can work with you to understand your learning goals to develop training that meets your specific needs.


We offer professional development on key governance topics – including:

Indigenous governance excellence

We cover themes such as cultural legitimacy, innovation and best practice to help you understand and navigate your role in balancing non-Indigenous governance with cultural integrity – known as two-way governance.

Roles and responsibilities of governing bodies

We guide you to identify a range of specific roles and responsibilities of governing bodies and individuals. This helps to form the policies and steer the overall direction of your organisation.

Mapping your governance

We walk you through the different parts of governance in your local context. You can use this knowledge to map out how this impacts your current governance, or to create a new governance model from scratch.

Governance rules, policies and processes

Have a clear picture of how to govern your organisation effectively. We give you the tools you need to develop rules, policies and processes to guide your organisation to work together to get things done.

Effective governance through strong leadership

We work with you to develop tools to help you support, strengthen, sustain and evaluate your leadership.

Governing for succession planning

We unpack what succession planning is and why it’s important. We also give you key strategies and frameworks to make sure you are prepared for the future.

Youth in governance

Young leaders can contribute their new ideas now, not later. Leaders build for the future by mentoring young people to carry on their good work. We give you information and tools to achieve sustainable governance by recognising the importance of youth involvement.

Governing disputes and complaints

Information and tools to help you build understanding, plan and work through conflict, disputes, complaints and peace-making in a culturally strong manner.

Risk management

Risk management is the culture, processes and structures that balance taking advantage of potential opportunities with managing potential adverse effects. We work together to identify your organisation’s risk management and how to design effective governance arrangements.


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Professional development events

Throughout the year we run informative events focusing on key governance topics – including:

  • best practice Indigenous governance
  • Indigenous youth in governance
  • embedding culture into your governance
  • core governance areas – such as roles and responsibilities of governing bodies, developing rules, policies and processes, risk and succession planning.


We also regularly explore emerging themes in Indigenous governance, such as governing through crisis – including the COVID-19 pandemic and recent natural disasters.


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Our masterclasses are powerful and informative in-person sessions designed to strengthen your governance capabilities. They are facilitated by experts and feature guest speakers with relevant expertise.


Run over one day, they include presentations, interactive workshops and guest speakers that encourage questions, discussion and active involvement from participants.


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Our webinars – including our popular ‘Speaker Series’ – are short and impactful sessions to learn about a specific area of governance.


They feature Indigenous governance experts sharing their experiences and knowledge about culturally informed and community-centred governance.


You can register to attend live or watch them in your own time.


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We convene conferences and symposiums on the theme of Indigenous governance, attracting speakers and participants from all over the world.


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Governance reviews and advice

We combine our extensive experience and expertise to review your organisation’s cultural and corporate governance.


We help your organisation implement effective, practical governance and strategies. We work with you to review documentation, compliance, operational and board effectiveness and cultural practices to embed Indigenous values in your governance framework.


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