The Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI)

AIGI is an independent, Indigenous-led centre for governance knowledge and excellence. We connect Indigenous Australians to world-class governance practice, resources and professional development to meet their self-determined governance needs.


We envision a future Australia where Indigenous peoples, communities and nations can pursue and exercise their right to self-determination and economic development through strong self-governance.


We work alongside Indigenous peoples in their efforts to determine and strengthen their own sustainable systems of self-governance.


Our People. Our Governance. Our Way.


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Latest resources

Our extensive collection of practical online resources for Indigenous organisations is designed to strengthen your practices at all stages of the governance lifecycle.

Aug 16 2023
Video: Developing your leaders
Winners and finalists of the 2022 Indigenous Governance Awards talk about the importance of de...
Video ,
Mar 01 2023
MG Corporation: How their governance works
Helen Gerrard, MG Corporation Board Director (2012), explains how MG Corporation is governed S...
Video ,
Mar 01 2023
8 Elements Worksheet
In the attached document, you will find questions to discuss about your governance in the 8 ar...
File ,
Dec 23 2022
How Yawuru cultural values and practices inform their governance
Nyamba Buru Yawuru (NBY) is a not-for-profit company owned by the Yawuru Native Title holders...
Video ,
Dec 22 2022
Diagram of the Governance Truck
Download a diagram of the Governance Truck to print and share with your group...
File ,
Apr 13 2022
The primary purpose of the Wunan Foundation is to provide local Aboriginal people with better...

Professional development


As a not-for profit Indigenous-led organisation, we understand the challenges organisations face to meet their governance obligations. We also know that impact is increased when organisations focus on creating solutions that are culturally legitimate, evolving, customised and accountable.


We’re here to help you with our tailored professional development. Our friendly team works closely with you to design and run training that meets your specific needs, environment and resources.


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Professional development events
Throughout the year we run informative events focusing on key governance topics.
There are no upcoming events scheduled.

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Governance reviews


We can review your organisation’s cultural and corporate governance to help you implement effective, practical policies and strategies. Our reviews are comprehensive and independent, and we can support your organisation to make improvements.


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AIGI is transforming corporate governance to bring Indigenous ways of thinking, being and knowing to the mainstream.

(Participant, AIGI Impact Study, 2022)

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