We can customise our professional development offerings for your organisation. We work with you to understand your organisation’s learning requirements, and tailor our training to meet your needs, interests, environmental pressures and priorities.

We collaborate with you to design and deliver training to help your organisation achieve specific learning and development goals, or to address a specific challenge you’re facing.


This can include a one-off training session, longer-term support, or a mentoring plan.


Our tailored services are designed to build your strength and capacity in a particular area of governance – including:

  • governance excellence
  • roles and responsibilities
  • rules, policies and processes
  • leadership
  • succession planning
  • young people


We share our understanding of best-practice governance and work closely with your team to find the right governance solution for your organisation.


We can run sessions at your workplace or virtually – for a half-day, full-day or as a series of sessions. We can help you find helpful resources, and choose the right professional development topics and formats to suit your organisation or community.


We also offer Advisory services that combine our extensive experience and expertise to review your organisation’s cultural and corporate governance. To learn more about our approach to tailored professional development, see Education and training.

Our approach

AIGI is a majority Indigenous-led and staffed organisation. We embed our cultural values in the way we approach all aspects of our work – including our tailored professional development. This perspective enables us to operate with a two-world view.


Phase 1: Scope

We meet with you to discuss your governance journey to date, identify the key governance priorities for your board and staff, and confirm the scope of work.


We may run a survey with your staff to find out what training you need.


Our team prepare a brief outlining all the steps discussed at this meeting and mapping out the key dates for training delivery.


Phase 2: Review

We review your governance documents to understand your current model, processes, rules and strategies. This assists us to understand your specific needs.


Phase 3: Engagement

We engage with your selected stakeholders in both informal and formal ways – including interviews and self-assessment questionnaires. This helps us to gather insights about your operational and board effectiveness, and the way cultural values and practices are embedded in your governance.


The aim of this phase is to identify what is working well and areas for improvement from your perspective.


Phase 4: Delivery

Using the themes and findings from the engagement phase, we deliver what you need. This could be a governance workshop or other activities that focus on specific governance areas.


Phase 5: Analysis and reporting

Our team analyses key themes, discussion points, and any outcomes arising from the engagement and delivery phases. This is delivered as a short summary report.


Phase 6: Follow up

Our team will check-in with you one to 3 months after delivery to see how your governance is tracking and the impact of the professional development on your journey.


Talk to us

Get in touch with our friendly team and we can work together to develop training that meets your specific needs.

Our recent experience


Board of directors governance workshop for the Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service


On-country governance workshop for the Boonthamurra Native Title Aboriginal Corporation


Board of directors’ induction and cultural governance training, Cape York Land Council

The Community Governance Research Project found that a huge number of communities want continuing governance support. [Until AIGI] there was no independent Indigenous governance body to meet this demand.

(Participant, AIGI Impact Study, 2022)

We don’t have a generation to wait, the opportunity costs are too great. We need AIGI to help us here and now.

(Participant, AIGI Impact Study, 2022)

AIGI is transforming corporate governance to bring Indigenous ways of thinking, being and knowing to the mainstream.

(Participant, AIGI Impact Study, 2022)

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