Our theory of change states that practical, effective and culturally legitimate governance is the fundamental building block for real change.


Our resources, training and services support self-determined governance capability for individuals, organisations, communities and First Nations in Australia. They are designed to improve social, cultural and economic outcomes for Indigenous peoples.


We envision a future Australia where Indigenous peoples, communities and nations experience self-determination, and enjoy political, social, cultural and economic development through strong self-governance.


To fulfil our vision, we:

  • leverage research and on-the-ground practice to develop a knowledge base that encourages and highlights effective Indigenous governance
  • facilitate and implement training and education within communities and regions
  • mentor, coach and support Indigenous groups, individuals and organisations over the long-term to build their governance capacity
  • lead sector-wide collaboration and work with networks and partners to develop practical, culturally-informed governance tools and resources
  • lead advocacy for policy debate and change regarding Indigenous governance.


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Strategic priorities

After years of research, advocacy, innovation and feedback, we have built trust in our offerings and established relationships that can lead to joint projects and initiatives.


The key strategic priorities in our Strategic Plan 2022–2027 include:

  1. To increase the quality of resources
  2. To increase the quality of capability strengthening options
  3. To strengthen and expand partnerships with stakeholders who share our values and commitments
  4. To secure a sustainable future.


We are pursuing 3 ways of working to enable systemic change:

  • Advocacy and thought leadership – bringing AIGI’s expertise and evidence-base to key actors in the system to help remove barriers and allow Indigenous governance to flourish.
  • Strategic partnerships – identifying and building relationships that amplify impact by bringing complementary skills, expertise and networks together.
  • Project work – engaging with Indigenous leaders, organisations, communities and nations on the ground to understand the experiences and challenges communities face, as well as the innovations and breakthroughs.


Research and initiatives

Through our partnerships and programs, we contribute to a growing knowledge base to meet the needs of Indigenous communities.


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One of our key roles is to communicate and advocate for Indigenous rights for self-governance.


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Education and training

Through research, partnerships and community engagement, we have developed practical resources and training for effective Indigenous governance.


Learn more about our education and training

AIGI is transforming corporate governance to bring Indigenous ways of thinking, being and knowing to the mainstream.

(Participant, AIGI Impact Study 2022)

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