You can compare the way governance works in your organisation, community or nation to the way a footy team works.


A footy match depends on all the players, captain and coach. Everyone needs to understand their role and perform it to the best of their ability for the game to go well. The same is true for governing a group.


Whether your group is informal or formal, incorporated, or unincorporated, at its core are people. Each person has their own roles and responsibilities, and relationships with one another.


The key players in your group may include:


  • the board of directors
  • members
  • staff
  • organisation, community or nation.

Indigenous Governance Toolkit

Our Toolkit is a free online resource developed to support Indigenous communities and organisations to strengthen their governance practices. It offers a comprehensive collection of practical information, tools, templates, case studies and videos.


Your key players




Board of directors


CEO and managers






Diversity, equity and inclusion


First Nations women in governance

Your people – Factsheet


First Nations women in governance – Factsheet

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