Governance is about working together. Working collectively towards anything creates potential for differences between people. These differences can happen in people’s interests, perspectives, opinions and values. If these differences are not understood, conflicts, disputes and complaints can happen.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives on responding to conflicts, disputes and complaints can be quite different to non-Indigenous approaches.


Some documented practices use language – such as ‘peacemaking’ – to describe processes that aim to reconcile differences and promote harmonious relationships between groups and individuals.


For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups, peacemaking also means embracing a deeper level of healing and restoration.

Indigenous Governance Toolkit

Our Toolkit is a free online resource developed to support Indigenous communities and organisations to strengthen their governance practices. It offers a comprehensive collection of practical information, tools, templates, case studies and videos.


Understand conflicts, disputes and complaints


Understand peacemaking


Implement peacemaking processes

Conflict resolution and peacemaking – Factsheet

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