One of our key roles is to provide governance education, training, advice and resources to Indigenous groups, organisations, communities and nations at a grassroots level.


We deliver these practical resources and tools through a variety of training modes – including conferences, masterclasses, tailored governance workshops and mentoring programs.


As a majority Indigenous-led and staffed organisation, we embed our cultural values in the way we approach all aspects of our work:

Embedding Indigenous ways of knowing and doing

The Indigenous world-view is different from non-Indigenous world views, and is often not the primary lens applied in western governance structures. We ensure a two-world view is reflected in our approach to analysing and generating solutions.

Strengths based

Often in Indigenous ‘issues’-related work, there is a focus on deficit discourses. We firmly believe in approaching matters from a strengths point of view first by identifying what is currently being done well.

Solutions focused

We focus on problem solving and proposing solutions by harnessing the collective intelligence of the participants in the workshop. We respect that the participants are the local and subject matter experts and utilise a facilitation style as opposed to providing direct advice.

Evidence based

We make sure there is a foundation for how we approach our work. We do this by referencing academic literature and case study examples, where relevant. This enables a depth of discussion in our analysis and a solid basis for making recommendations and providing advice.


Our key resource is the Indigenous Governance Toolkit. The Toolkit was developed for Indigenous nations, communities, individuals and organisations searching for information to build their governance capacity.


It covers all the basics – rules, values, culture, membership, leadership and decision making. It includes examples of ideas that work in practice, tools to get started and useful guidance to sustain your efforts.


The Toolkit is accessed by thousands of people every year. It is regularly cited and recommended as a critical resource in Indigenous governance by organisations and research papers. It is also recognised as a unique resource that provides an accessible pathway to governance education for Indigenous communities.


We also offer other helpful and practical resources – including publications, research, webinars and videos.

Professional development

Our professional development is responsive to individual, community and nation needs, as well as changes in the governance environment.


We acknowledge the uniqueness of each community and organisation, and support individuals and groups by working with them to design and run tailored professional development to meet their needs.


We also offer advisory services – including mentoring and coaching – to build strength and capacity in a particular area of governance.

Governance reviews and advice

Our advisory service combines our extensive experience and expertise to review an organisation’s cultural and corporate governance.


We help Indigenous organisations to implement effective, practical governance and strategies. We work with you to review documentation, compliance, operational and board effectiveness, and cultural practices so you can embed Indigenous values in your governance framework.

The Toolkit is the spine of everything that AIGI does; it comes directly from the experience of people involved with nation building. Everything on there has come from a source of truth.

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