Topic: Build your governance

Develop your rules or constitution

In this topic, we discuss why rules and developing a constitution are important for effective governance. We talk about keeping cultural legitimacy at the heart of your rules. We explain when you need to write your rules down and how this strengthens your group’s governance. The importance of rules or a constitution Having rules or Develop your rules or constitution

Decide whether to incorporate

In this topic, we help you make the decision about whether your group should incorporate or not. There are many things to consider, and benefits for both. We also explore your options if you decide to incorporate. Unincorporated organisations Unincorporated organisations are not incorporated under any government legislation. For example, a group of people who Decide whether to incorporate

Choose your governance model

In this topic, we discuss how to choose your governance model. We take you through what you need to consider to find the governance model that fits the purpose of your organisation, community or nation. Types of governance models A governance model is a framework used by organisations, communities and nations to create order in Choose your governance model

How to get started

Governance gives an organisation, community or nation the ways and means to achieve the things that matter to them. But knowing where to start can be overwhelming. We explore what to consider before you start, and go through the steps to take to build your governance. What to consider before you start The process of How to get started

Build your governance overview

This section helps you build – or rebuild – your governance. We look at choosing a governance model that suits your group’s unique purpose and provide examples of different models. We help you with the big decision of whether to incorporate or not. We explore how to develop the rules that will govern your group Build your governance overview