One of our key roles is to bring our technical and subject matter expertise to Australia’s governance ecosystem through our connection to universities and research projects. We draw from what is working at a state, national and international level and make it relevant in a local context.


AIGI was established following wide-ranging consultations with Indigenous community leaders and representatives and governance researchers and consultants in the public and private sectors. We continue to build on this foundation of data and insight by working with our partners and stakeholders.


Our research partnerships drive a strategic research agenda based on community needs – including case studies, theoretical and practical models, and innovations within the Indigenous governance space.

Indigenous Governance Program

The Indigenous Governance Program supports, recognises and celebrates governance success and excellence of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations.


The Indigenous Governance Program is run in partnership with Reconciliation Australia and enabled by the BHP Foundation. It includes an online networking and information platform, a corporate partnership program and the biennial Indigenous Governance Awards.


To learn more, visit Indigenous Governance Program.

Indigenous Governance Awards

A spotlight on innovation, effectiveness, self-determination, sustainability, and cultural legitimacy in Indigenous governance.


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Stories of Success

Discover outstanding examples of Indigenous governance and self-determination from across Australia.


Learn what works well on the ground. Celebrate your own successes and identify ways to grow and strengthen your governance practices.


Stories of Success showcase the winners of the Indigenous Governance Awards. The awards identify, celebrate and promote effective and legitimate governance in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led organisations, projects and initiatives.


The awards are part of the Indigenous Governance Program.

Common Roots Common Futures network

Established in 2012, Common Roots Common Futures (CRCF) is an international Indigenous governance network.


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Indigenous Governance of Development Project

This research project explores how Indigenous nations are building their self-determined governance and development agendas.


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AIGI brings a lens to the work that is deeply technical and founded in the global movement. Through AIGI’s connection to Common Roots Common Futures, universities, leaders, and so on ... they bring that knowledge to Indigenous people in Australia and ‘inject’ it into the governance ecosystem.

(Participant, AIGI Impact Study, 2022)

AIGI is transforming corporate governance to bring Indigenous ways of thinking, being and knowing to the mainstream.

(Participant, AIGI Impact Study, 2022)

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