Topic: Systems and Plans

Risk management

In this topic, we look at the process of risk management. We explore common risks you may face and how to manage them effectively. We also discuss managing change and crises as part of successful risk management. Managing risk Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and managing risk that could potentially affect your Risk management

Strategic planning

In this topic, we introduce you to strategic planning. We show you how to create an effective strategic plan for your group. We also look at steps you can take to monitor and evaluate your plan. Importance of strategic planning Strategic planning is an important element of effective two-way governance. It’s about the big things Strategic planning

Financial management

Effective financial management is a critical foundation for all organisations, communities and nations. In this topic, we look at the lingo you’ll come across when budgeting, record keeping and reporting. We also explore the importance of setting up clear policies and procedures, and who is responsible for managing your finances. Effective financial management Effective financial Financial management


In this topic, we cover ways that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups make decisions. We look at how to make informed decisions, share decision-making and record decisions. Effective decision-making Clear and effective decision-making is critical to effective governance. Effective decision-making can improve productivity and performance. Decisions may be about long-term policy or strategic planning, Decision-making


Meetings are part of everyday business and an essential part of governance. They can happen internally or externally. They can be informal or formal. Meetings provide an opportunity for collaboration, information sharing and decision-making. In this topic, we look at lingo you’ll come across in meetings. We also explore different types of meetings and how Meetings


Honest, regular and clear communication is essential for achieving your goals. It’s also important for staying legitimate and accountable to your community and members. In this topic, we explore effective internal and external communication. We help you seek feedback, conduct effective consultations and develop a communications strategy. Importance of effective communication Communication is about sharing Communication