Excellence in Indigenous Governance Masterclass

Get ready to level up your skills in Indigenous governance at our highly anticipated Excellence in Indigenous Governance Masterclass!

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Indigenous Governance Training and the CATSI Act Review.
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National Indigenous Data Governance Summit

Are you interested in learning more about Indigenous data sovereignty and effective practices that can influence governments, agencies, researchers, and institutions to prevent the misuse of data and ensure access to data that is crucial for Indigenous nation rebuilding? If so, please join us at the Indigenous Data Summit.

Indigenous Youth in Governance Masterclass

The Indigenous Youth in Governance Masterclass will bring together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 18 – 35 to connect, share experiences and learn about culturally-informed and community-centred governance, in an interactive one-day workshop.

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Reconciliation Australia (RA) was established in 2001 and is the lead
body for reconciliation in the nation.
RA is an independent not-for-profit organisation that promotes and facilitates reconciliation by building relationships, respect and trust between the wider Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

2019 Indigenous Governance Excellence Masterclass

The Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI) will convene an Indigenous Governance Excellence Masterclass in October this year. The Masterclass will combine guest speakers, presentations and interactive workshops on areas of Indigenous Governance. It will cover themes such as cultural legitimacy, innovation, best practice and succession planning. It will cover critical areas in Indigenous Governance.

2019 Indigenous Youth in Governance Masterclass in Darwin

In June 2019, the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI) in partnership with the Lowitja Institute, the Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) and Aboriginal Governance and Management Program (AGMP) will convene an ‘Indigenous Youth in Governance Masterclass’. This Masterclass will connect, educate and promote Indigenous people aged 18 to 35 years who are or hope to be active in the business of governance locally, regionally and nationally.

Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Governance

The demand for data is increasing as Indigenous nations engage in economic, social, and cultural development on a rapid scale. Additionally, the need to protect Indigenous cultural and proprietary information is paramount. This Masterclass examines the role of data as an exercise of sovereignty in Indigenous nation governance and self-determination. It will dually explore data collected internally by Indigenous nations and communities, and information collected by external sources.